Finding Joy in the Midst of Turmoil

I watched a YouTube video by Anita Moorjani and she was talking about four steps to get from where you are to where you want to be. I find myself in, as Catherine Ponder says, a financial wilderness and I quote “When I find myself in a financial wilderness, it is because I am preparing for a greater abundance than I have ever known before. My wilderness experience is my Divine initiation into the higher levels of supply. I am being freed from all fear of lack. As I look to God for guidance and supply, I am becoming financially independent on a daily basis.

I can gather my manna by first using something close at had to meet my need. Be it ever so humble, when I use what is close at hand, my good multiplies. I can begin to gather my manna by doing something fearless. The act of blessing what is on hand increases it mightily. Something mysterious happens when I bless the substance at hand. Instead of envying another’s prosperity, I open the way for increased supply to come to me.

Since words are creative, I can gather my manna through speaking forth definite, rich words of supply, even in the face of lack. My manna is always something close at hand. And I always have in my immediate midst whatever is needed to begin gathering my manna. As I bless the manna close at hand and fearlessly use it, it multiplies. Lord, I do give thanks for the abundance that is mine now!


I’ve been reading a post by Greg Groeschell < about habits and how to replace old unwanted habits with new ones. I discovered in his post that the source of habits, good or bad, is our identity, is it healthy or unhealthy? As I was reading about this subject, it brought back to the book I’ve been wanting to write for sometime now. The name of this book is AUTHENTICITY – Just Who Do You Think You Are. The posts I write here will ultimately be the pages in this book.