Authenticity: “just who do you think you are”?

I came to the realization today that I am having an identity crisis. At the ripe old age of 66, I am well into the second half phase of my life, but I still am looking for identity in what I have done or who I have been in the past even though I realize that “me” does not exist anymore except in my subconscious, and just being aware of this fact does not instantly make all those old thought patterns change. They have to be taken out by the roots and replaced with new ones that serve me well where I am now, and I am finding that is an ongoing process of learning to live in the “now”, in the awareness that now is all there really is. The past is gone and the future lies somewhere ahead, but in reality, where I am now is the sum total of my thoughts in the past and where I will be tomorrow is being created by my thoughts today, right now.
We do have choice, but the only real choice is to monitor and be aware of what I am thinking now because, for better or worse, those thoughts are creating my future Now.

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