Living by Design

In his book Sucess! The Glen Bland Method, he writes about the four major areas of life in which you need control: Spiritual, Financial, Educational, and Recreational. Here is a quote from the forward written by Charles A Baker, “The author believes in building people, and has devoted much of his life to doing so. He wrote this book to direct men and women to a happy and prosperous life and to help others free themselves from the chains of ineptness and mediocrity, becoming the successful persons God intended them to be”.

In essence, this is what Living by Design is all about; designing your life, because if you don’t, something or someone else will. I know, because after many years trying to achieve goals I found myself drifting, life living me instead of me living life.

I know this awareness of the power of thoughts started me on a journey that involved learning to live a life of authenticity in all facets of my life. This is not an easy task, in fact, it’s been the hardest challenge I have ever faced. What I am finding out though, is that the dividends of peace, contentment and confidence exceed whatever hardships that were endured.

Robin Sharma has this to say about the process of acquiring a new habit – “It’s hard at the beginning, messy in the middle, but glorious in the end” . I’ve found this to be so true. One of the most difficult challenges we face can be UN-learning something we have lived with as truth but found it not to be so. it’s not so much about becoming someone as it is about UN-becoming everything we thought we were supposed to be so we can be free to be who we were created to be in the first place. This is what I call “authenticity” or just living the truth.

My hope here is to provide a resource for doing that and providing assistance for others on a similar journey. I started this blog as my own personal reference site, to record the information I was discovering while researching this subject, but the more I learned, the more I felt the desire to share this experience with others in a structured way.

What you’ll find here on these pages is the result of my journey into a desire for truth, and how to live that truth in authenticty. It is a work in progress as is my life. I hope you will join us.

thanks for stopping by.

Your fellow traveler,